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a series of tile roof project

a series of tile roof project


a series of tile roof hookmounting project that located in south africa.

why choose sic roof hook, pls see advantages below.

☆ height adjustment (39mm, From 130mm to 169mm)
☆ high durability – best stainless steel 304 ensure 10 years warranty and 25 years service time.
☆ high Pre-assembly – save labor cost at the installation site

related certificate

Our ce certificate for solar tile hook roof mount system

Our sgs certificate for hook material -- SUS304

Our SGSCertificate for screw material-- SUS304

Roof tile roof hook

Roof hook for pan tiles roof

伝言を残す 伝言を残す
10年のソーラー経験の専門チームにより、SIC SOLARは「顧客サービスは核心」の経営理論を主張し、販売後の優れた顧客サポートを提供しました。